The fans are at the heart of Bournemouth Rugby's success, your support is always appreciated and never taken for granted by the squad. You can be the sixteenth man and are an essential part of what makes Bournemouth Rugby unique. We are excited to launch our membership packages for the 2020/21 season, which sees price freezes, rewarding renewing Members for their loyalty. Starting from just £75 for a renewing a U6 and £91 for a new adult non player, membership brings you to the very heart of the Club. The quickest and easiest way to purchase, or renew, a membership is by renewing online by clicking here. The cost of a Bournemouth Rugby membership can be spread equally across the period of up to 10 months when paying by Direct Debit, subject to membership type. 

Membership brings you to the heart of Bournemouth Rugby. As a Member, your support is crucial both on and off the field. We have a number of membership packages available, tailored for individuals and families of all ages:

Family Membership, we pride ourselves on Bournemouth Rugby being a safe, family-friendly venue and our family packages, which provide great value for money, range from the combination of one adult, one child, all the way to two adults, two children – with every possible combination in between. Family Memberships start from just £140

Youth Memberships gives you son / daughter quality coaching on both Sunday and weekday (subject to age). With this membership your son / daughter will be able to progress through the ranks from U6 all the way to the colts. Membership starts at £75 for the U6.

Adult membership offers various options for those who play for Bournemouth Rugby either as full adult player or touch to non playing options. We also offer a supporters membership for those who want to stay in contact with Bournemouth Rugby.

As a Member you are entitled to multiple benefits and rewards some of which include:**

  • Quality Coaching 
  • Tournement and Coaching fees included
  • Offers at the sports club bar on food and drinks subject to age restriction
  • Discount entry to First XV games (Free for season ticket holders)
  • Full voting rights 
  • Chance to apply for international tickets (subject to age and membership type)
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from our Partners
  • Free O2 Touch rugby (subject to age and membership type)

**excludes supporters membership

Online is the quickest and easiest way to become a Member, or renew a membership for the 2020/21 season is to visit, where you can also spread the cost and set up an interest-free Direct Debit payment plan. Please note, the direct debit plan is not available on all membership types, if you have any query's contact our membership manager,


These terms and conditions refer to your membership product and payment transactions between yourself and the Bournemouth Rugby Club.  It also covers elements that may apply to non-members either (a) prior to application and payment of membership fees; or (b) after your membership has lapsed, so please read this carefully. 

Section 1: Applying for Membership

Applications for membership may be submitted by any individuals who are eligible for membership. When submitting an application for membership, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of that membership.  If you are eligible for membership, your membership will be activated in the appropriate member category after acceptance of your application and payment of the membership fee.

Bournemouth Rugby and its affiliates retain the right to amend its membership categories, benefits and criteria at its sole discretion, without prior notice, at any time.  However, any details of such amendments will be posted online. Please refer to the Membership section on Bournemouth Rugby website for details. Bournemouth Rugby and its affiliates retain the right to refuse applications for membership at their discretion.

Section 2: Payment of Membership fees

Payment of membership fees is required at the time the application is completed. Once your membership is activated, the membership renewal payment will be due (if appropriate) as communicated and stated in the membership details. In advance of the date your membership will expire, you will receive a notification via email and a request for payment of the membership fee.  

Bournemouth Rugby retain the right to change the membership fee you pay but will inform you about any such changes before they are implemented.  Bournemouth Rugby and its affiliates retain the right to change the definition and eligibility criteria for any discounted rate.

Bournemouth Rugby and its affiliates retain the right to offer and/or change any promotional offers and special prices but will inform members who may be affected of any such changes.

Section 3: Termination of Membership

You may cancel your membership at any time.  If you wish to cancel your membership please email and your team manager for playing members. 

Non playing members - A full refund will be offered if cancelled within 14 days. (No international tickets or 6 Nation tickets can be applied for or will be issued)

Adult Player - Senior Player injured within two months of the season membership defaults to adult non player membership £83. A refund will then be issued for the balance.

Mini, Youth and Academy - If cancelled within two months a 50% refund of fees will be issued.

Section 4: Event Tickets

These are purchased through the events page on the Bournemouth Rugby website and are non refundable.  

Section 5: International and 6 Nation Tickets

To be eligible to apply for Bournemouth Rugby's International and 6 Nation Tickets you must have this benefit on a current membership.  If you are successful within the Bournemouth Rugby ballot the tickets that you purchase may not be sold on to anyone else.  The RFU regularly check club allocations, therefore if you do this the RFU can place sanctions on the club and your membership will be revoked with no refund and you will not be able to become a member of the club for 5 years or apply for international tickets for 10 years.   

Section 6: Club Email

You will be automatically added to our regular email newsletter, if you do not wish to receive this please email

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